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  • Provide a good match between a healthcare professional's qualifications and experience of the employers needs.
  • Assisting employers find quality healthcare professionals

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Thank you for visiting our website! Professional Healthcare Recruiters, Corp. is here to serve you. Since 1992 we have built a strong reputation assisting hospitals, nursing homes, rehab clinics and laboratories meet their staffing needs by providing them with specialized healthcare professions that are in critical shortage in the U.S.

Healthcare Professionals

PHR has recruited and placed hundreds of Physical & Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, and Medical Technologists throughout the U.S. Our services to you, the professional, is free. We provide a career matching service between you and the potential employers. Our fees are paid by your employer. We represent several hospitals, clinics, rehab companies, home health, and traveling healthcare professional agencies in the country.




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To provide you with one of the best career matching services throughout the United States. We do not take a percentage of your salary. Our fees are paid by your employer.

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To provide highly skilled and pre-qualified healthcare professionals to fill your staffing needs in the least amount of time.